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[Textile industry in the first half of the year]
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How did the textile industry perform in the first half of the year?

Since 2020, in the face of the severe tests brought about by the new crown pneumonia epidemic and the complex and changeable domestic and foreign environment, we have effectively overcome the adverse effects of the epidemic and achieved a steady recovery in the macro economy.

During the fight against the epidemic, the textile industry steadily promoted the resumption of work and production, and made due contributions to ensuring the production and supply of domestic epidemic prevention materials and meeting the needs of international epidemic prevention and control.

In the second quarter, driven by the production of anti-epidemic materials and the recovery of domestic market demand, the economic operation of the textile industry has recovered under pressure, and the decline in major operating indicators such as production, investment, and quality and efficiency has been significantly narrower than that in the first quarter.

However, the losses caused by the impact of the epidemic have not been completely repaired, the production and operation pressure of textile enterprises is still outstanding, the investment and development confidence are obviously insufficient, the negative growth trend of the industry has not been reversed, and the stable operation throughout the year is facing greater challenges.

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