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[High-strength polypropylene yarn]
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Small body, big energy-high-strength polypropylene yarn!

1. The strength of the high-strength polypropylene yarn is comparable to that of polyester and nylon industrial yarns, and the strength is exactly the same in wet and dry conditions.

2. Polypropylene has a density of 0.919/cm, which is the smallest among all industrial chemical synthetic fibers. Its density is only 66% of polyester (1.389/cma) and 80% of nylon (1.149/cm3). .

3. High-strength polypropylene yarn has good abrasion resistance and flexibility

4. High-strength polypropylene yarn is resistant to mildew, and polypropylene fiber is not corroded by insects and bacteria.

Suining Tongjia Chemical Fiber Factory was founded in 2013 and converted from the plastic industry to the chemical fiber textile industry. The main products are 300D-3000D high-strength polypropylene filament, polypropylene double-twisted yarn, polypropylene industrial yarn, high-strength polypropylene yarn, etc.

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