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[How does the epidemic affect textile companies?]
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How does the epidemic affect textile companies?

Regarding the impact of the epidemic, some spinning companies stated that the global development of the epidemic had a negative impact on exports:

On the one hand, in the early stage of the outbreak of foreign epidemics, a large number of orders that have been placed were cancelled, and some were almost completed, and the customer suddenly withdrew the order, resulting in a certain order loss.

The second is the sharp reduction in new export orders. The port and flow restrictions brought by the outbreak of the epidemic have significantly reduced the consumption of clothing with greater flexibility. A large number of clothing stores are closed. Many factories that rely heavily on foreign trade are facing no single order. Happening.

The third is that after some export orders arrive at the destination port, they encounter customer bankruptcy, the customer refuses to pick up the goods, and the port is closed to unload the goods, causing certain losses.

Of course, this situation is only a few, but it also makes the factory extra cautious when taking orders, and it is also more demanding in terms of payment methods. Otherwise, it would rather not accept it. Therefore, it is difficult for the two parties to reach an agreement. Finally, some orders are lost to Southeast Asia and other places.

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