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[PP yarn spinning principle]
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Analysis of the spinning principle of high-strength polypropylene line!

In the production of high-strength polypropylene line, propylene is a monomer of polypropylene. It can be seen from the chemical structure of propylene that CH2 = CH-CH3. It can be polymerized in several different spatial arrangements. Depending on the polymerization catalyst and polymerization conditions used.

The production process of polymerized polypropylene includes 4 main processes, namely the preparation of propylene, the preparation of catalysts, the polymerization of propylene, the purification and finishing of polypropylene. This is the spinning process of high-strength polypropylene lines. The entire process has strict requirements. .

Suining Tongjia Chemical Fiber Factory's main products are 250D-3000D colored high-strength polypropylene yarns, polypropylene double twisted yarns, polypropylene industrial yarns, high-strength polypropylene yarns, etc. The products have high strength, light weight, small uniform heat shrinkage, flame retardancy, and anti-aging. Low thermal conductivity is widely used in various industrial cloths, cables, container bags, anti-cracking engineering fibers and other products, and is sold throughout the country and some exports.

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