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[Textile industry operating environment]
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What is the operating environment of the textile industry in 2020?

In 2020, the external situation facing the textile industry will become more complicated and severe, and the development prospects are highly uncertain.

From the perspective of risk factors, the complex situation of global economic turbulence and increased risk points is intertwined with domestic structural and cyclical issues. Normalized pressures such as rising costs and intensified competition still exist, putting greater pressure on the textile industry to maintain a stable operation. .

The sudden new crown pneumonia epidemic at the beginning of the year not only caused direct economic losses to textile companies, but also caused the company to face loss of foreign trade orders and intensified international competition within a period of time after the epidemic ended, further increasing development uncertainty.

However, from a positive perspective, the global economy as a whole will continue its modest growth trend, and China ’s macroeconomic long-term foundation will not change.

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