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[Utilization of polypropylene high-strength yarn]
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What is the utilization rate of polypropylene high-strength yarn?

The products processed with polypropylene high-strength yarn have the properties of anti-aging, good acid and alkali resistance, high strength, and impact resistance. In addition, high-strength polypropylene yarn has low specific gravity, light weight, high coverage, high wear resistance , So it can be used for luggage, crafts, sofas, crafts department, etc., can be processed according to the situation.

Because polypropylene high-strength yarn has a harsh color, is not easy to fade, is light in environmental protection, and low in cost, it is the best choice for manufacturing products. High-strength polypropylene fiber can be processed into movable nets for construction, transportation, and agriculture, and has high strength. In addition, high-strength polypropylene fiber can also be made into geotextiles, which is very suitable for highways, railways, airports and other places.

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