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[The power of policy for the textile industry]
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What kind of motivation has the policy brought to the development of the textile industry?

The textile industry is a traditional pillar industry of China's national economy and an important people's production industry. It plays an important role in booming markets, expanding exports, absorbing employment, increasing farmers' income, and promoting urbanization.

The textile industry includes cotton textile, chemical fiber, hemp textile, woolen textile, silk, textile knitting industry, printing and dyeing industry, etc. The main raw materials are cotton, cashmere, wool, cocoon silk, chemical fiber, feather and down.

In recent years, relevant national ministries and commissions have issued a series of policies and regulations to support the development of the textile industry.

The implementation of various industrial policies has laid a good policy environment for the development of the industry. It provides clear guidance on industrial development goals, growth rates, industry specifications, key development directions and technical means, and key downstream application areas, which is conducive to promoting the overall The industry is developing rapidly and healthily.

Suining Tongjia Chemical Fiber Factory is located at No. 56 North of Guanling Road, Industrial Concentration Zone, Liji Town, Suining County, Xuzhou City, Jiangsu Province. Due to market demand, it has been transformed from plastic industry to chemical fiber textile industry. Polypropylene double twisted yarn, polypropylene industrial yarn, high-strength polypropylene yarn, etc.

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