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[The textile industry should respond well]
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Today's global textile and apparel economy has entered a new era of more diversified and high-quality supply chain. The competition in the market is no longer simply between enterprises, but is transformed into the ethnic group between the supply chains. Competition, transformation into the quality of the supply chain and the concept of sustainable development. With the advancement of information technology, the supply chain has developed into a new phase of deep integration with the Internet and the Internet of Things.

The changes and characteristics of the industry supply chain are mainly in four major directions: the international distribution of supply chains is deepening, distributed production has become a trend; the supply chain has become a core resource, and the importance of manufacturing links has become more prominent; the supply chain has responded more to market changes; social responsibility has become An important guarantee for the value of the supply chain.

Driven by a new round of scientific and technological revolution and industrial transformation, intelligent manufacturing has become the breakthrough and main direction of innovation and upgrading in the textile development industry. Enterprises should continue to enhance the market's responsiveness and even lead the ability through the brand-new and effective management of the network chain structure, thus winning market opportunities.

Suining Tongjia Chemical Fiber Factory's main products are 250D-3000D high-strength polypropylene yarn, PP double-twist yarn, polypropylene industrial yarn, high-strength polypropylene thread, etc. The products have high strength, light weight, small heat shrinkage, flame retardant and anti-aging. Low thermal conductivity, etc. are widely used in various industrial fabrics, cables, container bags, anti-cracking engineering fibers and other products, sold to all parts of the country and some exports.

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