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[Textile industry chain production "acceleration"!]
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Textile industry chain production reform "acceleration"!

The textile industry implements the new development concept, adheres to independent innovation, digital transformation, brand building, and green development as the focus, accelerates the repair of shortcomings, promotes the industry to extend to the high-end of the value chain, builds a modern textile industry system, and promotes the high-quality development of the textile industry in "science and technology, fashion, and green".

Suining County Tongjia Chemical Fiber Factory was founded in 2013, the main products 300D-3000D color high strength polypropylene yarn, polypropylene double twist, polypropylene industrial silk, polypropylene high-strength silk, etc., the products have high strength, light weight, heat reduction uniform, flame retardant, anti-aging, low thermal conductivity, are widely used in a variety of industrial cloth, cable, container bag, anti-cracking engineering fiber and other products.

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