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[Polypropylene high strength yarn!]
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Several characteristics of polypropylene high strength yarn!

1. Shape: The vertical surface of polypropylene high strength yarn is straight and smooth, and the cross-section is circular.

2. Density: polypropylene high strength yarn has the advantage of light texture.

3. Strong elongation: polypropylene high strength yarn, large elongation, high initial modulus, excellent elasticity. So polypropylene wear resistance is good. The wet strength of polypropylene is basically equal to the dry strength.

Suining County Tongjia Chemical Fiber Factory was founded in 2013, the main products 300D-3000D colorful high-strength polypropylene filament, polypropylene double twist, polypropylene industrial silk, high-strength polypropylene wire, etc., the products have high strength, light weight, heat reduction uniform, flame retardant, anti-aging, low thermal conductivity, are widely used in various industrial fabrics, cables, container bags, anti-cracking engineering fibers and other products.

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