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[characteristics of polypropylene industrial yarn]
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What are the characteristics of polypropylene industrial yarn?

1. Shape: The longitudinal surface of polypropylene industrial yarn is straight and smooth, and the cross-section is circular.

2. Density: The advantage of polypropylene industrial yarn is that it is light in texture, and its density is only 0.91g/cm3, which is a lighter variety among common chemical fibers, so polypropylene of the same weight can obtain a higher coverage area than other fibers.

3. Strong elongation: polypropylene industrial yarn has high strength, long elongation, high initial modulus and excellent elasticity. So polypropylene has good abrasion resistance. In addition, the wet strength of polypropylene is basically equal to the dry strength, so it is an ideal material for making fishing nets and cables.

4. Hygroscopicity and Dyeing The hygroscopicity of polypropylene industrial yarn is very small, almost no moisture absorption, and the moisture regain under general atmospheric conditions is close to zero. But it has a wicking effect, passing water vapour through the capillaries in the fabric, but does not have any absorption effect on its own. Polypropylene has poor dyeability and incomplete chromatogram, but it can be compensated by the method of dope dyeing.

Suining Tongjia Chemical Fiber Factory was founded in 2013. The main products are 300D-3000D high-strength polypropylene filament yarn, polypropylene double-twisted yarn, polypropylene industrial yarn, high-strength polypropylene yarn, etc. The products have high strength, light weight, small and uniform heat shrinkage , flame retardant, anti-aging, low thermal conductivity, etc., are widely used in various industrial fabrics, cables, container bags, crack-resistant engineering fibers and other products.

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